Stations of the Cross

My daughter’s high school asked me to write 14 prayers for Holy Week.  We call them Stations of the Cross.  I wrote them for a high school audience with the point of view of Jesus Christ during the last 24 hours of his life on earth.  He was unfairly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit because his judge and jury were prejudiced.  They knew they wanted to kill him before any formal charges were ever filed against him.  Their minds were made up in advance and nothing he could say would change their minds.  He saw his mom and asked John to care for her.  He forgave the people who crucified him.  He was momentarily separated from his God and Father who normally gave him words to say, work to do and people to teach and serve.  These 14 prayers include the topics of prejudice, family relations, justice, forgiveness and community.


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