Scoutmaster Steve

Each troop of scouts has an adult leader who is called a Scoutmaster.  Scoutmaster Steve leads a troop of six scouts.  His Assistant Scoutmaster is Bobbaloo.  His uniform is a campaign hat and scout pants.

Scoutmaster Steve is wise, gentle and fatherly.  Sometimes he is a little distracted.  Scoutmaster Steve is experienced in camping, cooking, leadership, fishing  and story-telling.  When Steve goes camping he packs his 10 essentials:  water, food, matches, a tent, a sleeping bag, clothing, dishes, a first aid kit, a cook kit, and a flashlight.

This papa bear is strong, patient and kind-hearted.  He cares about each Scout and wants to see each one succeed and mature to their full potential.  He is a good role model.


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