Be Nice. Invite Friends. Have Fun.

My neighborhood has a garage sale every summer.  It’s fun.  It’s work.  I don’t sell much.  This summer, after six hours of sales, I made $3.00.  My daughter, however, made $96.00.  Last summer I made $40.00.  My son made $130.00.  Possibly they sell more than me because they have better stuff.  Possibly they sell more than me because they are more fun.   My son visits all the neighbors’ garage sales.  He talks to everyone.  He is happy and healthy.  My daughter was almost 9 months pregnant this year.  She glowed.  She was happy and healthy and people were drawn to her.  I’m an introvert who enjoys reading books.  My sparkle is on the inside and harder to see.

I want to learn from my children:  people enjoy fun, good health and attractiveness.  I want to employ those concepts in my blog.  I want my blog to be fun, attractive, happy and busy.  So here are the rules:  be nice, invite friends, and have fun.  Please keep in mind, should you choose to leave a comment, that children may visit this site.  Please keep your word choice clean and your attitude positive.  I will follow those rules, as well.  And I will try to bring my inside sparkle outside, so I might have a healthy, happy glow, too.

Play nice,

I am Everymom

Be Nice.  Invite friends.  Have fun. originally appeared on on September 11, 2013.


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