Do you have a little brother or sister?  Henry Bradford has a little brother named Benjamin.  Benjamin is about two years old.  Benjamin likes to draw–on everything! And he is fast, too.  His favorite thing is to draw the sun (and a dog he calls Arf).  Do you like to draw?  You can click HERE to draw a picture.  This link will take you to “Free Art Games for Kids” at

King Henry Bradford and Prince Benjamin live in a (pretend) castle.  You can click HERE to build a castle or a Royal Art School.  This link will take you to the free website for children to build houses, by Smart Geek.

Would you like to be a King or a Queen?  What would you do?

The page is free.  As well as the page link also takes you to a page with free on-line games for children.  This page originally appeared on on August 10, 2015.  Thank you for visiting.



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