Gigi Likes George

Gigi likes George

Gigi likes George

George likes to build forts in the blackberry bramble. Gigi thinks that is awesome and she thinks George is awesome. Gigi likes George. She wants to give George a gift because she likes him. Gigi thinks George is brave, strong, handsome, kind and funny. What do you give a guy like that?


Do you like to give people gifts? Do you like giving gifts MORE than getting gifts? Gigi does. You can click HERE to put together a puzzle (on the free on-line kidzone)* showing what gift Gigi likes to give the most.


If you could give any gift in the world to someone you loved very much, what would it be? You can click HERE to go to a drawing page (which is also a free page for kids to draw on at* to draw that special gift.

A tasty gift

A tasty gift

*The first link will take you to a free on-line kids game page called  The page it takes you to is a free on-line puzzle page.  The second link is to a free on-line kids drawing page called  The page the link takes you to is a free on-line drawing page specifically for children.  This webpage first appeared on on August 10, 2015.  Thank you for visiting.


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