Scoutmaster Steve Boardbook

This twelve page board book is an abbreviated form of the 32 page picture book of the same name.  The boardbook is intended for children ages 0 to 4 years old.  It has lift up flaps with pictures under the flaps.

My artist friend, Susan O’Connor, did all the artwork for this boardbook.  Susan paints beautiful watercolor art pieces.  You can see more of Susan’s artwork at her website

Scoutmaster Steve is wise, gentle and fatherly.  Sometimes he is a little distracted.  Scoutmaster Steve is experienced in camping, cooking, leadership, fishing, story-telling and building.  When Steve goes camping he packs his ten essentials.  He packs water, food, matches, a tent, a sleeping bag, clothing, dishes, a first aid kit, a cook kit, and a flashlight.

This papa bear is strong, patient and kind-hearted.  He cares about each Scout and wants to see each one succeed and mature to their full potential.  He is a good role model.


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